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SYNTHETIC TURF PRODUCTS can advise, design and install the very best tournament quality golf greens available today. Whether it’s a golf green for the backyard of your house or golf greens for a whole golf course Synthetic Turf Products can help you with the project.

Tournament grade greens replicate the type of putting surface you would find on top golf courses around the world; they accept shots into the green due to their construction method. This type of golf green is to be found at the homes of some of the worlds leading professional golfers.

This type of golf green provides a fantastic practise aid for the serious golfer as well as being a great entertainment feature for the whole family. It provides a maintenance free landscaping feature that adds value to your property.

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Why not check out the very latest in synthetic golf technology. We recently installed a state-of-the-art synthetic golf facility at Kingsway College Perth using new infill technology. This new facility is remarkable in that it reacts the same as any natural grass golf surface.

“We are extremely happy with the design and operation of the facility. For a synthetic surface it is exceptionally realistic to play and practice on. We are very excited about the opportunity to have a world class facility to promote our golf programme. It certainly has lifted the profile of the school.” Matt Elliott – Head of Students

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Putting Golf Green

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Tournament grade greens need to be constructed by professional synthetic green installers, this is not a DIY project.

To create a true and realistic synthetic golf green special attention is paid to the design, which incorporates contouring, hole locations, water runoff and fringe design.

Materials used in the construction include two separate base materials, three types of graded silica sand infill, rubber cushion underlay and of course the highest quality Polypropylene synthetic grass fibre.

Synthetic Turf Products have constructed synthetic golf greens across Australia and overseas including greens for a whole course, a first in Australia.

Other clients include one of the world’s top professional golfers Nick O’Hern.

Synthetic Golf green

Putting Golf Greens

Artificial Home Golf Green

Our synthetic golf greens can be used in many applications, from being installed in residential backyards for serious golfers and the kids to play on alike to installing them at commercial properties, resorts for another amenity for your guests to enjoy, and even greens for a whole course.

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STP Club – Non Directional Short Pile Putting Greens

This type of synthetic green provides a cheaper option to our TOURNAMENT greens although the design considerations are the same.

This type of green is generally installed as a low cost alternative to the TOURNAMENT green. It is used as a practise green for residential and commercial applications.

STP CLUB is used on putt/putt courses and facilities in commercial applications.

We use a commercial grade KDK non-directional yarn which when installed is partly sand filled.

STP CLUB provides a true roll but is designed for putting only.

Artificial Golf Greens

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NEW FOR 2008


STP has recently introduced the finest synthetic tee line available on the market today.

This state of the art 50mm pile height non sand filled tee line is changing the way we look at driving range teeing areas and individual tees for the future.

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The modern driver size is accommodated by being able to place any size tee into the surface of STP TEE LINE eliminating the need to hit off the usual rubber tees on driving range mats which are not always the desired height for your driver.

STP TEE LINE has non of the failings of the driving range mats you are used to, including damage to clubs, damage to your wrists, club bounce and waterlogging of the mat.

So if you would like more information or would like to upgrade your driving range please contact us at

or telephone us on 1300 558 089

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