Synthetic Turf Products installers are fully trained to perform only the highest quality professional installations which we combine with by using the best synthetic grasses available today.

All Synthetic Turf Products staff are members of the ASGI which is a international body which requires all staff to meet a strict code of ethics

The Installation Process

Setting the correct levels, this requires the removal of existing natural lawn, paving etc where required.

Next the installation of the sub base which involves installing a compacted crusher dust base. This provides a solid structure underneath your synthetic grass yet still allows for drainage through the synthetic grass, base, and finally to the ground beneath. The base is compacted, screeded off with the necessary falls to allow for excess water run off.

Now the synthetic grass is installed, the turf is laid with the fibres going in the same direction. Joints are seamed and glued, the edges cut to shape and nailed into the base.

Finally the infill process. The fibres of the synthetic turf are machined to stand straight up and an infill of graded silica sand and granulated rubber is gradually added to the required levels.

Self Installation

Either full or part installation is possible for the home handyperson. It is possible for the client to install their own sub base with Synthetic Turf Products installing the grass or for the client to take care of the whole of the installation process with Synthetic Turf Products providing the materials, friendly advice and the availability to hire equipment to help in the installation if required.